We use clean, simple, high quality ingredients and responsible materials.  Our luxurious skincare products are so natural, pure and trusted, that even a mom uses it on her infant.

About Anna

Wife. Toddler Mom. Entrepreneur. Natural Haircare Maven. Herbal Apothecary. Educator. 

I’ve always been interested in plants and their uses.  Most of my free time has been spent self-teaching, studying popular herbalists and researching ancestral uses of herbs, essential oils and teas for healing.

The Soapothecary Co. is the result my efforts to build a whole food plant-based lifestyle with mindful supplementation.  Sea Moss has been a staple in my house for the last 7 years and has been transformative to my overall health, and my son’s health during pregnancy and continues to contribute as we thrive mentally and physically.  From birth, my son has struggled with eczema.  While trying to identify the root cause, I discovered that he is allergic to wheat, soy, dairy, tree nuts, shrimp/shellfish, eggs and peanuts.  Consuming any of these would trigger itchy eczema patches on his body resulting in long nights of scratching as well as broken, irritated skin.  As a mom, I was worried, but I did not want to cover my baby in chemicals that I couldn’t pronounce. I decided that everything I applied to our skin would be as close to food safe as possible and would also need to be low on the hypoallergenic and comedogenic scales. This proved to be nearly impossible to find in stores, so I utilized my knowledge of herbal remedies to create safe and effective products that I could use and that were safe to use on my newborn baby. The Soapothecary Co was born. 

My essential beliefs:

Plants are medicine.

Laughter is medicine.

Beauty occurs in harmony with nature. 

There is enough for everyone. 

Organic is best. 

Non GMO is best. 

We are what we eat. 

What we eat manifests on our skin. 

Allergies (to foods or toxins) manifest as eczema or skin issues. 

Black Lives Matter. Period. 

Differences are beautiful. 

Question everything. 

Have grace.

Just as the birds in the trees are always taken care of, I will always be taken care of. Don’t worry.  Believe.

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed. 

If you don’t jump, you will never fly. 

Thank you for supporting my jump and helping this small business fly!


Anna Rice

Owner, The Soapothecary Co


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